Home improvement – a real Gerbilarium

Hi All

We have been so busy, you have no idea how much work a new home is… We got a real gerbilarium last week (mommy found a great deal for us)!


It has so many features that really improve the quality of life for a gerbil… Like we can be approached from the front and not from above, which is better for a gerbil, since it is less scary. It is also a lot bigger, so more room for play! and finally, just look how pretty it is, it is beautifull for us but also is a nice decoration in mommy’s house.



9 thoughts on “Home improvement – a real Gerbilarium

  1. This gerbilarium would be a great “product” to sell to upscale animal lovers who want cuties and also want a stylish, unique centerpiece for their home.
    Easier than an aquarium, and with gerbils being a lot more cuddly than fish, this could take the place of aquariums, televisions, lava lamps, and other features as a classy, sweet home furnishing and love-enhancing animal experience.

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  2. Oh how lucky you two are! What a wonderful place to live and play in! I think it’s fabulous and I bet you do too…………just think of all the “redecorating” you can do in there…..make sure you take lots of photos as you add more fun stuff and move things around to suit yourselves…….

    Hugs, Sammy


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