From inside the tube

Hi all,

As you all know, we love to gnaw on our tubes, but what if you could see what that looked like from the inside off the tube…

That looks pretty funny, right?


Transporting the goods

Hi all

Here you can see me and Pumbaa  working on a way to transport those yummy snacks… For a second we thought we were real farmers.

We are always so glad when toys are just the right size for us. It makes life so much more fun if you can play around!

A little passage

Hi all!

Do you know what happens when you give gerbils a nice box, but you make just the smallest hole for them.

We try to get in as soon as we made the hole bigger from the outside, and then we can work the hole from the inside. But since the hole is only just big enough when we start getting in and out, it becomes a little funny to see us squeeze through!

Run like the gerbil

Hi All,

You all know, Timon and I like to snack a lot…We also love to sleep but then sometimes we have to exercise of course. We have two wheels, one in our cage and one in our playpen.

The one in our cage is the smaller one, a big one really would’n fit. The big one stands in our playpen, so we can run when we are playing. It was hard to get on picture, but we do run really fast…

Big things in Small box

Hi All,

This week there was a box in the mail that was just perfect for us. It had this hole in the front so it was just the right box to play in.

But you know what the best thing about it was. It had something written in Dutch on the box that was just so sweet, i will translate for you. It said: “Sometimes great things come in small boxes”. So we went to sit in it and be great! 😉

A cardboard home

Hi all!

Today a little post about something very simple that we enjoy so much! When our mommy had a small but very sturdy box, she cut out a hole so it became a little nest!

So it was great to play in and to sleep in. Since it is such a good hideout we don’t even chew on it much, so we have a longer time to enjoy it in a great condition. Such fun!

Hiding out

Sometimes even us, gerbils might get a little scared. When that happens, it is nice to know we always have a nice hideout home nearby.

And even when we might be a little scared, or search for cover. We will still come out to check if we can run around again. You will see our little faces and know our fear will pass soon.


In an Eggbox

Hi all!

You know what is great fun to play in? An Eggbox! We discovered this yesterday and it makes such a good chewy toy. And you know what, once you chew a hole into both sides, it becomes a great castle to run through.

I know some of you might be too big to fit into an egg box, but you should give it a try, It is marvellous!

smart Toy

Hi all,

This week we tried out a small new toy. It is from living world and it is an interactive smart toy. So, as you can imagine we still had to learn how this toy works but now that we figured it out, it is great fun!

So, it basically holds snacks in two small ‘hidden’ spaces and we have to get them open to get to the snacks. We asked our mommy to take a video, so you all can see how we do it!