It’s been a year

Hi All,

A year ago my brother and I were moved to a new house, this lovely home. In the mean time we have grown, played, chewed and got a bigger house 3 times. But in the end not that much has changed, we just grew up bit….

1 year ago…



Happy days

Hi All!

We send you some cute faces to brighten up your day. We often hear our mommy say how happy she gets from watching us do all the things we just do. We just hope we can brighten your day a little as well!

big kisses and a paw from Timon & Pumbaa

Home improvement – a real Gerbilarium

Hi All

We have been so busy, you have no idea how much work a new home is… We got a real gerbilarium last week (mommy found a great deal for us)!


It has so many features that really improve the quality of life for a gerbil… Like we can be approached from the front and not from above, which is better for a gerbil, since it is less scary. It is also a lot bigger, so more room for play! and finally, just look how pretty it is, it is beautifull for us but also is a nice decoration in┬ámommy’s house.


All sorts of bedding for a gerbil

Hi all,

Today Pumbaa and I have the opportunity to show you all the kinds of material that goes in our tank. We have many kinds of ‘bedding materials’ in our cage.


For a gerbil it is important to be able to gnaw but also to be able to make a nest┬áand to dig strong tunnels. So, in our cage we need a lot of material: some hay, soft wood shavings, cotton clean, supasoft bedding and some eco-nest.┬áIt is a personal mix of all these┬áthat our mommy┬ádeveloped over time, it offers everything and is relatively dust free (good for our longs and our mommies longs ­čśë ) ┬ácheck us out, testing all the types here!


A scared gerbil

Hi All,

Our mommy has been trying, for quite a while now, to capture the sound us gerbils make when we get scared. It’s a tapping of the feet to warn others. Sometimes we also do it when we are really excited.

Since most often we go and hide when we make the noise, you can hear it but not see how we do it. Now, we have some footage so no pictures this time but two little movies of a scared gerbil. (I was actually fine, no worries).