A little workout

Hi all of you!

us gerbils, and all other animals, we have to stay in great shape. And to do so, we have many exercises. Some pull-ups, push ups and jumps…. We can do it all.

How do you all stay in shape?



8 thoughts on “A little workout

  1. You two are very fit and I believe you could easily win gold medals at the Gerbilympics. Eventually your mama will create tiny weightlifting stations for you, no doubt.
    Health and fitness are important to me too. Other than being vegan, I swim two miles a day, do resistance training, and bicycle about 100 miles on the weekend. I also do yoga.
    Stay healthy and cute.


  2. I noticed your gravatar in the “following” column on my blog, and was curious since I don’t recall seeing your blog among those that show up in the reader. I see I AM following your charming blog!

    I got a big chuckle out of your postings, which I viewed en masse to try to catch up with what didn’t show up in the reader. I hope your future posting show up in the reader because you put together a very nice montage featuring your little sweeties!

    I was especially amused to see you have framed photos of your little guys on the desk top where they live. I, too, have framed photos of my Persian kitties on the wall next to my computer! I guess we animal lovers are all the same in some respects!


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