Checking out a new hide-out

“Timon, you must come look what has gotten in our cage! A new hide-out, i think.”

That must be checked thoroughly from all sides, Pumbaa!

It is checked and we approve, nice new hide-out!


We’ve moved

Hi all!

We have moved, well as you can see we are still in the same cage but our cat’s location changed. Since our owners moved, we got to goo with them. Check out our new set-up here! 😀

home - 3

It is our own corner of the house, you can even see we got to put up our little portraits, now everyone knows whose cage this is. 🙂

home - 2


Our Fun-house

Hi all

Did you already see what a beautiful house we have in our cage? Here we will give you a tour around the house 😉

TimonandPumbaa - 8

You see it has multiple levels, also a basement and a a terrace. It is just great… Ofcourse you guys all know us by now. Every house needs some tweaking, so we redesign until it is just perfect (or destroyed)

Underground system

Hi all

We do love to dig, you might know that already. But sometimes we make such beautiful tunnels over night that are humans are awed. 🙂

This one was built in one night, and it seemed like it was a miracle it stayed so beautiful. We make a lot of shortcuts everywhere, so we can run faster to our sleeping place from our food. When we make such beautiful work, our humans are glad that they can see it through our glass tank.

A cardboard home

Hi all!

Today a little post about something very simple that we enjoy so much! When our mommy had a small but very sturdy box, she cut out a hole so it became a little nest!

So it was great to play in and to sleep in. Since it is such a good hideout we don’t even chew on it much, so we have a longer time to enjoy it in a great condition. Such fun!

Hiding out

Sometimes even us, gerbils might get a little scared. When that happens, it is nice to know we always have a nice hideout home nearby.

And even when we might be a little scared, or search for cover. We will still come out to check if we can run around again. You will see our little faces and know our fear will pass soon.


Open door

Hi all!

We recently got a new cage, well it’s not totally new. It is a similar tank but it now has an extra ‘tank-topper’, so more room to play. The coolest thing is we now have this little door to come say hi from. Like here!

gerbil - 1

The new cage and Timon in the ‘doorway’

So now, we can say ‘Hi’ to our humans from our own little door, it is much fun!

The maze, a month later

Hi all,

Do you guys remember the gift we got from Santa, a great maze to run around in… Well by now it was time to give you an update. We’ve had the time (and teeth) to demolish our beautiful maze a bit by now and we’ll show you what we did to it.

Remember the first maze …

Well, by now both our stairs our gone, completely. We have opened up the bottom, teared some walls down. and we have (about everywhere) chewed up pieces of the wood… We really had to redesign this thing, you know…

A mushroom home

Hi All,


Recently we got a small mushroom house, it is really cool! It’s a small ceramic house with a red roof, and cute windows. It even has this tiny ladybug at the top. Nice, isn’t it?

We tried all kinds of fun things in this house: we had dinner in it, put our hay in it, played a nice game inside and even put our sand in once, so we could bathe. Such a Joy…The only sad thing is that we can’t eat it 😉