Munching on a little bread

Hi All

Here you see my Brother and me, munching on our little morning bread! Yummm.

We can always enjoy a good munching on a little piece of stale bread, just delicious… But I’m sure you can see  that in our little faces.



Chewy corn

Hi all

Here you see our newest chewable adventure. It is real corn, that can hang in our cage. Just look at it!

It is perfect for chewing on because we have to get them loose before we can eat it of course. So, it is a basically a toy and snack in one, that keeps us busy for a while. Wonderfull, right?

Playing the flute

Hi All,

You know that as a snack we sometimes get dried mealworms, they’re healthy and yummy, but mostly…

funny! Because our mommy always says it looks as if we are playing the flute when we eat them. Take a look for yourself and maybe we can start a little band with some of you who also play an instrument, let us know! 🙂

Gerbil in a jar

Hi all!

You know what happens when our parents leave the snack jar close by to give us some. When they aren’t looking for a second, we jump in and serve ourselves. They never let us in very long of course but they did want you to see what a ‘gerbil in a jar’ looks like  😉

It’s an open buffet today!

Snack Attack

Hi all!

You already guessed, we just love snacks. We often get one from our humans and then we are really happy. But, we don’t exclusively like snacks, because what’s in our foodbowl is pretty awesome too 😉

And just because the way we eat snacks seems very amusing to our humans we want to share some of our snacking times with you all.


Hi all,

Quite often we get a handful of hay in our cage, and then the party begins!

We really love hay and that might be because hay is so versatile. It is nice to built a nest out, but you can also just nibble on it. Well and you know we love to use these little teeth of ours, but hay is also quite good for the digestive system.

Yummy bread roll

Hi all

I’m sure you all are really curious to see what happens when our humans give us this bread roll…

Yeah, i thought you didn’t wanna miss that. They have helped us a bit by making a hole in it so it was easier to eat, oh the great humans! And then, they looked at us while we gnawed at this bread. So we tried to be on our best (and cutest) behaviour.

Snack Time!

You know what I love, all those nice snacks my owner gets me. Not that i don’t like the normal foodies that I get, but a snack is always appreciated 🙂 I love to taste and try all the different things that I am allowed to eat.

DSC_0259 22736905651_930b4cec9f_o

So far I have tried different things such as some sunflower seeds, some pumpkin seeds. I also got a little piece of pumpkin, some broccoli, a piece of bread and even a small piece of carrot.

22726315545_1dd16f425c_o 22759940525_dd6cb479e2_o

Oh and I also loved that finger snack they gave me 😀 so nice!


I thought they were all delicious, so now I want more snacks, cause I am sure that I’m allowed to eat many more things  😉


Are there any more out there?

Drinking my bottle

Do you all wanna see how I drink nicely from my bottle? Yes, it is nice to drink from this bottle.


This is the ‘normal’ way to drink, of course. You wanna see how my brother, Pumbaa drinks?


Oh, yes… a very lazy brother I have…Drinking while lying in his sand bath.

IMG_1233  oh, we also drink nicely together sometimes 😉