A scared gerbil

Hi All,

Our mommy has been trying, for quite a while now, to capture the sound us gerbils make when we get scared. It’s a tapping of the feet to warn others. Sometimes we also do it when we are really excited.

Since most often we go and hide when we make the noise, you can hear it but not see how we do it. Now, we have some footage so no pictures this time but two little movies of a scared gerbil. (I was actually fine, no worries).



7 thoughts on “A scared gerbil

  1. As an animal sentience and animal rights activist, I can sadly report that most non-domesticated animals are afraid of humans based on evolutionary memory. Whenever they see us, the deep structures of their brain remember what humans have done to them, and they become afraid.
    This is often called the “startle response.”
    When people have dogs off-leash on beaches and other places where native animals are, they’re terrorizing the native animals.
    When people use leaf blowers, jet skis, and otherwise penetrate the peace and harmony of native ecosystems or even human-dominated systems such as cities and suburbs, the birds, bunnies, and other animals are terrified.
    This terror harms them in multiple ways, including limiting their reproductive success, disrupting their feeding, destroying their habitat.
    The cute gerbils are given an idyllic life as we can all see from this website. But animal fear is pervasive because most humans refuse to acknowledge that animals have emotions and rights just like we do. For more information on our relationship with animals go to vegansamurai.org.
    If only all animals were loved and cared for as much as Timon and Pumbaa are.


  2. My gerbils do that too, sometimes. It’s often when they seem to hear something my ears don’t pick up on (when I have them out), or when they’re in their cage. I always find it amazing how their first impulse is to warn the others of their clan/pack/group/team rather than run and hide, and it’s very effective; if Jamie taps Loki is hidden within seconds, and vice versa.
    Whenever I attempt to recreate the tapping sound with my fingers, all they do is come over and sniff my hand :’) Maybe they’re checking to see if I’m okay, although they always seem a bit confused when I tap.

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