Safely in Momma’s hands

Hi All,

Do you know where it is always safe and sound? In the hands of our mommy!

It is safe to hide and safe to use as a lookout spot. Really, there couldn’t be anything better in the world than to be held and loved. 🙂 We are two very happy gerbils!


7 thoughts on “Safely in Momma’s hands

  1. When humans reach across the species barrier instead of loving only other humans. Instead of loving only non-human animals that are bred to serve us, such as dogs and cats. When humans bond with other species instead of victimizing them (as is often done to gerbils and other small animals by vivisection and other cruelties)… this shows the most noble of human traits.
    When you want to find a place of peace on earth, you find it by protecting innocent animals and enjoying the purity of their natures.


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