Hide ‘n seek


Sometimes we get to play around in the sofa, and that is great fun! We can run around, sit on our mommy and also play hide and seek all over the couch.

You can see how much fun it is when the run all over the cushions, with our little paws. Do you guys play hide and seek as well?



7 thoughts on “Hide ‘n seek

  1. I see a tail!!! tee hee! Sometimes my mama plays hide and seek with me! She hides and i have to go and find her! Have a great rest of your week sweet gerbils! Hugz from Boo Bear and my mama!


  2. Looks like a lot of fun to me! When I was younger I loved to play hide and seek in the house. Mom would find a hiding spot and call me and I almost always would be able to find her! Almost!

    Hugs, Sammy


  3. Gerbils are so much cuter, smarter, and easier than dogs. And they don’t bark, chase, kill, or help the police in the drug war either.
    Gerbils are too intelligent for most television.
    Have you considered giving your gerbils music lessons and creating tiny kayaks, bicycles, and gym gear so they can work out?
    I’d also like to see a Gerbil News Network!


  4. My gerbils often roam around my sofa as well, also climbing me like I am a human mountain. Jamie (if I’m lucky) sometimes even climbs to the top of my head 🙂 Gerbils are awesome, and yours look like they’re having a ball!


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