smart Toy

Hi all,

This week we tried out a small new toy. It is from living world and it is an interactive smart toy. So, as you can imagine we still had to learn how this toy works but now that we figured it out, it is great fun!

So, it basically holds snacks in two small ‘hidden’ spaces and we have to get them open to get to the snacks. We asked our mommy to take a video, so you all can see how we do it!


23 thoughts on “smart Toy

  1. Oh what FUN!!!! That’s a really cool little “puzzle feeder” alright and you two have it totally figured out. Clever little ones…………………have fun with your new snack toy.

    Hugs, Sammy


  2. That looks like a very fun snack toy (both for the gerbils and the owner, lol). Can I ask where you got it? Although I have a feeling my gerbils would simply destroy the toy to get to the snacks :’)

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    • It is from livingworld, called smart interactieve toy. I’ve een it on Amazon and a few other places. We only get The toy when we are supervised and so we don’t chew it. Plus they did have to teach us how it worked πŸ˜‰

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      • Thanks! And supervised toys are a great idea! Although… I suspect J&L have figured out the arts of using a decoy: one of them often goes into super-cute mode while the other does something he’s not allowed :p

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