A hundred and more

Hi all,

This weekend, Timon and I were so excited! They told us we had more than a hundred people who follow us. We are so excited that there is so many of you out there that want to see what we are up too, though Timon says You all just can’t miss our sweet faces ;-). So, we held a little ‘cardboard party’.

So again, we want to say thank you and show you one of our great ‘smiles’ to show you how much we appreciate all your enthusiasm, likes and nice comments!


23 thoughts on “A hundred and more

  1. In a world of corruption, humans who eat and otherwise mistreat animals, and a lack of cuteness and innocence, you gerbils give us a wonderful dose of cuteness and innocence. Thank the gods you were born gerbils, and that you have humans in your life who understand and care.


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