The loving touch

Hi all!

Quite often our humans get these question: ‘Do They know you?’, ‘Are they huggable?’ and things like ‘Do you get love from such an animal?’. Of course these are (to us) weird questions, we love our humans!

We’re so curious and we keep an eye on you wherever you go, from in our cage. If you offer us a treat, we will come take it from you, if you give us your hand we will check it out and if you pick us up, we will try to be on our best behaviour! 🙂 And as you can see, we do give a lot of love and joy back!




11 thoughts on “The loving touch

  1. Question: Are gerbils escape artists like hamsters? Our hamster could open almost any cage. It once got in the heat ducts and ran around under the floor until thirsty, then came out in a different room where it was captured and sent back to jail.

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  2. Hello Kids. Your humans are very fortunate to have you in their lives as are we all. It’s a fact that gerbils, baby piggies, and other animals are cuter than most if not all humans, and of course, morally innocent. As the first Vegan Samurai, I fight on behalf of you and other sentient cuties.

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  3. You two are just so cute! Your human has given you a great environment too – lots of things to do, eat, chew up, play with, EAT…….I hope you have a FUN Sunday doing what you do best – – – – enjoying life!

    Hugs, Sammy

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