A little trip

hi All,

We went on a little trip this week!  & We will tell you all about it 🙂

You know, we totally didn’t go by plane, we went by car. And they just put our entire cage in the car, so we didn’t notice much from the travel. So, when we looked up this is what happened:

Timon, our house looks the same on the inside but our surroundings have changedgerrivak - 6

Yes Pumbaa, isn’t this the cottage where we were gonna go on vacation? Let’s take a look…

We did have a really nice holiday, we got a lot of nice snacks and the best of it all, there were so many people to get some hugs from!  🙂


13 thoughts on “A little trip

  1. Hello, glad you enjoyed your trip, Timon and Pumbaa! I love your little aeroplane – my little ones would be very jealous of it! My little ones came on holiday with me on the ferry to Ireland from the UK before we came to live here. Totally didn’t bother them at all :). I look forward to hearing all about your future adventures! 😀

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