A flying saucer

Hi all,

Look at our newest toy! It is called a flying saucer and it’s out of this world. 😉

It works similar to a hamster wheel but this one stays more horizontal, and is a lot bigger. That means it is better for running for us and we don’t hurt our back. Since this is a giant wheel, it doesn’t fit in our cage but it fits perfectly in our playpen. So, we have our ‘normal’ wheel in the cage and then this one for our playtime.



3 thoughts on “A flying saucer

  1. We love flying saucers, and most the rodents we’ve had have preferred them to a normal wheel…also easier for several mice to run on a flying saucer than a normal wheel 😛

    I will say we tried to leave a flying saucer in with our three gerbil brothers and they chewed the bottom / stand part away completely – they had two normal wheels and never chewed them so we assumed it was safe, doh!

    Looking cute as ever guys btw 🙂

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