A close-up

Hi All,

We are such curious animals, sometimes we come quite close to the camera and once in a while that gives our owners pretty beautiful pictures of our little faces.


15 thoughts on “A close-up

  1. I love gerbils! We used to keep several in a large aquarium tank, packed with compressed wood shavings. Our boys were fascinated to watch them create their burrows and chambers. They have such cheeky wee personalities. The gerbils. Not the boys. Well, actually ….. 🙂

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  2. Adorable creatures! I recall, when my kids were little, we had teddy bear hamsters — three kids, three hamsters! They were delightful and fun to have — except when they escaped and ended up behind the washer and dryer! I’m sure they thought the sight of two adults and three kids trying to squeeze in there to get them out was hysterically funny…which goes to prove that the animals always get the last laugh! Thanks for reading our blog…we often write about our pets — The Pig (a beagle diva) and several birds — including the very flashy, pink parakeet Mrs. Beeton!

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