Lately a lot off people ask if gerbils are like hamsters and though we have a few things in common, there are major differences.

The first difference between a hamster and a gerbil is their social need. Gerbils normally live in groups, thus a solitary pet may be quite unhappy.  The hamster, tends not to need a friend in captivity.

Another difference are the sleeping patterns. While  hamsters are nocturnal, and sleep most of the day. Gerbils aren’t, so they are more up for play during the day

A gerbil also has a slightly different personality than a hamster. It tends to be more active, and more hyper.

Both can be raised not to bite. However,a hamster is a little more prone to biting.

and last, the two also differ in appearance. The gerbil has a soft tail, and enjoys standing on its hind legs, While a hamster has no tail.



3 thoughts on “Hamster-like?

  1. I’ve had both hamsters and gerbils and they’re both delightful! I’ve definitely explained these differences to people before. Yours are lovely looking gerbils! Remind me of some of my own 🙂


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