Playtime – Our wooden Tunnel

Hi everyone,

Time to show you one of our most beloved toys. It is a wooden log with holes in it, and it is so much fun! We can run through it, gnaw on it and use it to make our cage completely how we want it.

These pictures are from when mommy took the log out and we could play in it. I would show you some pictures of the log right now, but we buried it well ;-).



2 thoughts on “Playtime – Our wooden Tunnel

  1. When I was growing up I had lots of gerbils. Everytime I see you guys, you make me want to go out and bring hope a gerbil!! Between you and Bailey Boat Cat’s ‘lobsters’ I’m falling in love with gerbs all over again. I wonder how my 3 cats would like them if I brought some home!!!


  2. You should get some 🙂 We would love some more friend…
    We also like cats, as long as they stay far away with their big teeth 😀


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