Standing on my own two feet

I will tell you a little more about my anatomy today. Have you seen my tail already, It’s a very long tail! Just like my hind feet, they are long to allow me to jump easily. This combination of large hind feet and long tail enables me  to balance myself as i stand upright.

We do stand up straight for a number of reasons, i will show you some 🙂

If we stand up tall on our hind legs with our front paws joined together as if in a prayer, we are alert and on the lookout.

File 12-11-15 10 14 46DSC_0179

If we stand up tall but our hands are not joined together, but they are limp on either side in front of his chest, we are curious and expecting something to happen

DSC_0190 DSC_0100

Sometimes when we stand and looks straight ahead, it means we are trying to see what is going on in the household, we wanna be a part of it.


I also stand up for a number of other reasons, to wash myself, to get some treats and to hug your fingers… We are just so good at standing on those two little feet 😉

DSC_0011DSC_0342 DSC_0311


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