Snack Time!

You know what I love, all those nice snacks my owner gets me. Not that i don’t like the normal foodies that I get, but a snack is always appreciated 🙂 I love to taste and try all the different things that I am allowed to eat.

DSC_0259 22736905651_930b4cec9f_o

So far I have tried different things such as some sunflower seeds, some pumpkin seeds. I also got a little piece of pumpkin, some broccoli, a piece of bread and even a small piece of carrot.

22726315545_1dd16f425c_o 22759940525_dd6cb479e2_o

Oh and I also loved that finger snack they gave me 😀 so nice!


I thought they were all delicious, so now I want more snacks, cause I am sure that I’m allowed to eat many more things  😉


Are there any more out there?


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