Digging around

After a week Pumbaa and I got a new cage to live in. That is how nice they thought we were, we already deserved a new house… Wait that’s not true, it was a different story  😉

Me and my brother, we just love to dig. We make these awesome tunnels and nests. And so it happens that I move everything in my cage around for my newest design. well, you get that, always have to try new things. In our old cage I could dig nicely, but i could also kick out all the bedding, so nice… But it might have made my owners go a little mad,  🙂

See, how well i made everything go out....

See, how well i made everything go out….

There was always a very big mess on the table and floor after my remodelling, so they got me a new cage. In this new cage I can’t kick the stuff out… but I can still dig beautiful tunnels, don’t worry 😉


3 thoughts on “Digging around

  1. I love gerbils 🙂

    We have three male gerbils, Ed looks just like you two! We’ve found a really cheap and easy way to give them a big cage (with less mess to clean up!) is to use a large rodent cage, then add a huge storage box full of substrate for them to dig in…they dig mostly in the storage box but there’s still a little mess haha 😀

    We have ours in a Mamble 100cm cage…it only cost £40 so was a bit of a bargain 😀 I love the glass aquarium style cages, but we’re rubbish at DIY so wouldn’t be able to make a suitable lid…we did have a 3 level Perfecto / Critter’s Choice cage, but our last gerbils chewed the lid to pieces and escaped!!

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