Our first day home…

Hello ,

I am Pumbaa, a gerbil, and I will tell you here about all my adventures. I  also have a brother, his name is Timon. You will hear from him really soon as well..

I have been living with these nice new owners for almost three weeks now. I am definitely growing fast with al the yummy foodies they give me!  So before you now it, i will be really big… But first I will tell you about when me and my brother met our new owners.

18/10/2015 – I was still living with mommy and Daddy in our home, but we were all getting a little too old to stay there. You’ll never guess what happened, two people walked in and they were introduced as our new owners. They were taking us with them, to a new home. I obviously wanted to jump around for joy, so they almost didn’t get me in the carrier box, hihi. I settled down when they put my brother in as well because: We are going on a trip!

On the way home i heard my owners say they had no names yet for us, they thought we would be females. Well, that definitely isn’t, i thought. So me and my brother we showed are best behaviour and got our names, Timon and Pumbaa. And no, I’m not Pumbaa because i’m the fatter one! 😉

When we arrived in our new home Timon and I were really excited, a new house! Of course we had to explore everything, the whole cage,the toys, oh and the food. We also got to know our new owners a bit, but i must admit, it was still a bit scary…

After all this exploring, we had to take a very big nap to get ready for more adventuresFirst day exploring


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